Virtual Gallery of the Art Pavilion

Cycle Work in Progress


Virtual Gallery Concept devised by
Jasminka Poklečki Stošić
director of the Art Pavilion in Zagreb

Artist selector and Exhibition Curator
Aneta Barišić
Curator, Art Pavilion in Zagreb

Jelena Lovrec, Sabina Mikelić, Mario Matoković, Petra Mrša

Current Exhibition 

Jelena Lovrec – Eggo

Technical support
Damir Martinec (Art Pavilion in Zagreb), ILI NET

Proof-reading        English translation
Ivana Sor               Graham McMaster

About the project

The cycle of internet exhibitions within the framework of the Art Pavilion’s Virtual Gallery is conceived as being an innovative creative programme the aim of which is to expand the traditional exhibition activity of a gallery establishment and to take a step away from the conventional frameworks of exhibition presentation in the direction of contemporary formats for the presentation of artworks. The website of the Art Pavilion has thus been turned into a place of origin for artistic contents outside the linear comprehension of time, which has upgraded its previous role, which was to convey secondary information about the exhibitions being held in the physical space of the gallery.

The contribution of the Virtual Gallery of the Art Pavilion to the contemporary Croatian and international arts community can be seen in its commitment to featuring the current domestic production of artists of the younger generation. This segment of the exhibition activity of the Pavilion provides welcome support to artistic production that, through no fault of its own, has been very largely marginalised within institutional frameworks.

The Virtual Gallery of the Art Pavilion was inaugurated with the A different perspective cycle. As chosen by Dr Ivana Mance, the selector for 2021, five artists exhibited under the aegis of this series – Mihael Giba, Oleg Šuran, Ivana Tkalčić, Klasja Habjan and Tin Dožić The success of the cycle, as borne out by an analysis of the virtual attendance at the individual exhibitions, ensured the conditions for the continuation of the project and its inclusion in the regular programme of the Gallery. Accordingly, the Virtual Gallery of the Pavilion in 2022 will present four young contemporary artists – Jelena Lovrec, Sabina Mikelić, Mario Matoković and Petra Mrša. Their diverse creative poetics and attitudes to the media of expression are gathered together under the common denominator of this year’s cycle of exhibitions Work in Progress, which promises to be the starting point for the development of a non-standard public of a gallery institution.


Aneta Barišić