Exhibition title:  OPTIMAL PROJECTION – Contemporary Photography from the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukrain
Duration: 19 Jun 2012 – 15 Jul 2012

The exhibition of photographs from twenty one photographers from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, can offer yet a part of the abundance of themes and motives through which this young generation of photographers sees and registers its own reality. 

In this not-so-distant reality appear scenes of Chechnya, icons of religious tradition, Soviet history, but also the contemporary turbulent urban daily routine. Alongside the contemporary urban reality, there lives a Russia far from centres such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg; it lives its eternal rural and provincial life. Certain authors create simply fascinating pictures of the reality that surrounds them, they enter the intimacy of personal quarters and personal fate or self-reflection in their own ambient. The width and keenness with which the young generation recognized, observed, and noted, through the medium of photography, almost all aspects of their own daily life, the murmur of a turbulent time, but also the silence of distant plains. The Orthodox Christianity and revolutionary nature of fathers and grandfathers, but also the controversial surroundings of the present. It is so rich in scenes, events, actions, and silence, that this exhibition is merely a fragment of this great land to the East. The attention we give to this young generation of photographers from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine is yet a small contribution to pay back the debt of the whole of Western culture, and particularly photography, to this great culture and art.  


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