Neli Ružić: Timescape – time landscape / Podroom Gallery, Belgrade, Cultural Center of Belgrade

Neli Ružić: Timescape – time landscape

Podroom Gallery, Cultural Center of Belgrade

After Zagreb, in Vranyczany  palace, the Art Pavilion in Zagreb presents the exhibition of the artist Neli Ružić Timescape in Belgrade. The exhibition is held in cooperation with the Cultural Center of Belgrade in the Podroom Gallery.

In the Belgrade version called Timescape – time landscape, the author transforms the gallery space into an experimental space, a time laboratory networked with the edges of heterogeneous time. The term Timescape refers to space as a necessity in order to perceive time or explain its multiplicity. In addition, the view, perspective and others are immanent in the landscape, and thus also society, encounters or communities, as well as relationships that are shaped in time and shape it. The Belgrade exhibition also includes an experimental film and an art book Nigdina/NOWhere. In these works, the author tries to understand the time of her absences from the space in which she lived, using as a starting point the removed monument of Bogdan Bogdanović, The Flower of Freedom on the Klis Fortress.

Passing through the gallery is marked by the alternating rhythms of individual human, historical, dystopian and scientific time, acceleration due to the capitalist demand for productivity and contemplation, ultimately inviting us to slow down.

The exhibition will be open until April 22, 2023.

Galerija Podroom, Cultural Center of Belgrade