Ida Blažičko: Vastness

Art in front of the Art Pavilion

Ida Blazicko: Prostranstvo / Vastness

July 27 – August 3, 2022

In the sequel of the second cycle of exhibitions symbolically called Art in front of the Art Pavilion, we shall be presenting to the public the work of Croatian artist Ida Blažičko. Picking up from the artist’s previous reflections and creations, the ambient textile sculpture in public space entitled Prostranstvo or Vastness will take up the whole of the public space in front of the Art Pavilion in   Zagreb. The work will transform the space with its multi-part textile sculptures of huge dimensions, gently tautened in the space.  Like natural oases the sculptures will organically refer back to the Art Pavilion, creating as they do a zone of intimacy, a space for contemplation.

Reaching out across the living core of public space, the tender, airy and weather resistant sculptures will be subject to incessant changes induced by wind and light effects. Various zones will accordingly be produced, prompting movement through the space and enabling visitors to explore the sculptural forms. Simple, clean and translucent, the sculptures constitute kinetic interventions in the space and are as it were modulators of the environment in which they are located.  This artistic intervention will penetrate the very tissue of the city and enliven the urban space.

Ida Blažičko (1985, Zagreb) took her degree in 2007 in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in  Zagreb, class of Stjepan Gračan.  She took a doctorate in 2012 from the graduate school of the Chinese Academy of Art in Hangzhou in 2012 with a thesis on the topic of “Sustainable public art; recreation of the urban environment”.  At the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, she received a doctorate on the topic “Bio-mimetics in art”, supervised by Slavomir Drinković. Since 2010 she has been a lecturer at the Chinese Academy of Art in Hangzhou, in the section of art in public space and in the section for art installations in landscape.  In 2016 she was appointed artistic associate in the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and in 2019 was made assistant professor.  She has put up three monumental steel sculptures in public space – What silence – the buzzing of the cicadas plunges into the cave (San Vito al Tagliamentio, Italy, 20170, Wind II (Xixi National Wetland Park, Hangzhou, 2012) and Wind (Changfeng Visual Arts Gallery, Shanghai, 2011).  Since 2005 she has put on 30 solo shows and taken part in more than 50 collective exhibitions at home and abroad. She has won numerous prizes for her work. Since 2014 she has been a member of the managing committee of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists (HDLU) and since 2019 has been the vice-president of this professional association.

Cycle devised by Jasminka Poklečki Stošić and exhibition curated by Aneta Barišić.

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