Past exhibitions

The Cycle: Art in front of the Art Pavilion – Kažimir Hraste : 1901 – 1907
The Cycle: Art in front of the Art Pavilion – Tihomir Matijević: Ordnung
Lovro Artuković – Deceleration / Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik
The Croatian Adriatic in the painting of domestic and foreign artists since the 18th century – POSTPONED
Zagreb, the City of Female Artists / Works of Croatian female artists from the late 19th to the 21st Century
ALEXANDER CALDER – The Magic of a Sculptural Movement
BOJAN ŠUMONJA – Omnibus / collective exhibition of a single author
Let Them Eat Cake?
DUŠAN DŽAMONJA – Fifties / Sixties
THE KURJAK COLLECTION – from the Private Collections in a Public Institutions Series
Vlaho Bukovac and Alexandre Cabanel – A Historic Encounter of Pupil and Teacher
KSENIJA TURČIĆ : Kaleidoscope – from the series of environmental exhibitions of contemporary Croatian artsists for the Art Pavilion
JOSÉ CURA – Life Throught the Lens of the Famous Tenor
EMANUEL VIDOVIĆ (1870 – 1953)
The Art Journey : 120 Years – Artist – Works