Vitar Drinković: Emoticoin

Trg kralja Tomislava 22


The next instalment of the second cycle of exhibitions symbolically entitled Art in front of the Art Pavilion presents to the public the contemporary Croatian artist Vitar Drinković, an artist who operates at the intersection of technology, science and art.

A new and interactive Vitar Drinković installation with the telling title of Emoticoin will be placed on the public area in front of the main entrance to the Art Pavilion building. This installation makes use of a camera and AI so as during the time the exhibition is on to scan the public space in which it is placed. Basing its conclusions on the geometry of their faces, it will recognise the emotions of the passers-by and record whether they are sad or surly, neutrally disposed, happy or surprised. The information about the emotions will be compiled and statistically processed in order to generate a graph that in its appearance is similar to the user interface for the trading of shares and crypto currencies. The work picks up from the previous artistic research of Vitar Drinković which has been focused on, among other things, the connections between art and the economy and confirms the important roles of technology and audience participation as essential factors in his art practice.

Vitar Drinković was born in 1983 in Zagreb, where he graduated in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. He took another degree from the same institution in 2014, this time in animated film and new media. He has taken part in student exchanges and residencies in the USA, the UK, Czechia and France. He has had solo shows since 2008, putting on numerous individual exhibitions as well as taking part in collective shows at home and abroad. He has won several prizes, commendations and grants, particularly notable among which is his last year’s showing on the shortlist for the Radoslav Putar Prize for 2021. He is a member of the Croatian Artists’ Association and the Croatian Association of Independent Artists. Vitar Drinković lives and works in Zagreb.

The cycle has been created by Jasminka Poklečki Stošić, director of the Art Pavilion, while the exhibition has been curated by Aneta Barišić.

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