Klasja Habjan: Homunculus ludens

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KLASJA HABJAN – Homunculus ludens

October 5 – December 17, 2021

In the new exhibition in the cycle A Different Perspective, ongoing within the Virtual Gallery of the Art Pavilion, the public will be presented with work by Klasja Habjan, visual artist who engages with illustration, graphic design and writing.

The exhibition features a work entitled Homunculus Ludens, an animation that with the help of the open programming language JavaScript intervenes into the CCTV recording accessible on the Web site of the Art Pavilion.

The interactive animation was created in collaboration with programmer Palo Čerić. Klasja Habjan has cast the visitor to the exhibition in the role of a little black manikin who actually plays in the empty Art Pavilion. By stepping into the animation, it is the visitor that activates, brings to life, the animated drawing, simple in its contours, in the two-dimensional sphere. Then the visitor will move around the rotonda, the central part of the exhibition space that looks onto King Tomislav Square. Should the visitor not actually opt to act, after a given period of time, the animation will start independently to change the scenario according to the algorithm provided in advance.

In the words of the artist, the scenario of the animation follows the silhouette of the visitor that even in the empty gallery space experiences that which a full gallery, in a metaphorical sense, can offer. The work is founded on the proposition that art can arouse intense emotions and states of mind and in the words of the selector, Dr Ivana Mance, reveals the capacity “to simply be moved by art, to be touched, carried away, elevated by it, to melt before it”.

Klasja Habjan (1993), graduated in visual communications at the Design School in Zagreb in 2016. She was included among the ten Croatian illustrators whose work was presented by the catalogue Illustrators from Croatia / Illustrateurs de Croatie” (Mala Zvona, Zagreb, 2020) at international book fairs. The drawing, or illustration, is the medium selected for the work Homunculus ludens.
She has published a collection of short stories and poems Crtice/Sketches, published by Petikat and the comic strip Spirit of Bauhaus (MCA, Zagreb, 2020), a book that brings together illustration, writing and design. She has illustrated a set of playing cards, Bauhaus oko tebe, (Bauhaus Around You, 2021), for the Form Function Studio and the Goethe Institute in Washington as well as the picture book Piccola con piccolo by Bruno Mezić (Mala Zvona, Zagreb, 2021). In association with Zita Nakić she runs the design studio klasja&zita, which often operates in the area of culture and takes part in numerous group exhibitions with publications, posters and visual identities. She has exhibited at a number of collective and solo shows. She lives and works in Zagreb.