STAHOV : Sculptures

Ljubomir Stahov (1944) is without any doubt one of the most intriguing Croatian artists, one whose prolific and versatile oeuvre has been critically highly valued.

This observation is confirmed throughout his work in every one of the visual media in which he has expressed himself – in painting, drawing, print and sculpture. It is certainly important to mention that Stahov ongoingly expresses himself in every medium, in which he has produced extremely important visual wholes systematised in his own creatively recognisable idiom.  With this exhibition in the Art Pavilion, for the first time the whole of his sculptural oeuvre in a selection from over two decades  is presented to the Croatian arts public, which at last becomes acquainted with Stahov the sculptor and accordingly read him in the context as a valuable segment of contemporary Croatian sculpting. The exhibition is showing sculptural forms in various materials: in bronze, welded iron, terracotta, glazed ceramics, chrome and other substances.  The exhibition particularly emphasises the robust vertical forms of black stainless steel  on which the artist often appliqués  with threaded steel wire agglomerations of welded iron, sometimes plate- and sometimes blotch-shaped , emphasising their symbolic connotations, and then, irrationally and unconsciously thereby pointing up their many-layered structure with this distinctive visual expressiveness.

The exhibition is curated by art critic Milan Bešlić.