Oh, Our Beautiful Homeland!

In taking a title that is identical to the title of the national anthem of Croatia, this exhibition is above all pointing up its topic, which is Croatia, at this moment in its history. At the same time, it heightens the contrast between the naive idealism and the enthusiastic ardour that the verses of the anthem express and the reality of the land that the exhibition reveals, one that is very far from rosy. The photographs on show are the work of professional photographic journalists, art photographers and scientists and multimedia artists who use photography as one of their means of expression.


Works in a wide range of thematic segments tell of the situation of economic and moral entropy in the form of ruined factories, national riches sold off, green areas under attack, failed investment, threatened livelihoods, lethargy, fear and despair on one and blasé glamour on the other hand. But notwithstanding all this, in these pictures we can also register an encouraging revolt on the part of the threatened workers and citizens who are having their basic resources denied, their human rights frustrated and their public space violated. Among the exhibits are those that show an associated, if only just symbolic, gesture of artistic support to all those unknown sufferers and rebels at scattered points throughout the country. In this sense, the beauty from the words of the anthem becomes present again, but relocated, and transformed into the work of the actual photographers and artists: into their effort to record, with a critical and yet empathic viewpoint, with the precision characteristic of their metier and with their creative roles, the life around them, to show the truth of our contemporaneity urbi et orbi.  

The following authors are exhibiting:Tomislav Brajnović, Boris Cvjetanović, Marko Ercegović, Ronald Goršić, Boris Kovačev, Igor Kuduz, Siniša Labrović, Antun Maračić, Neja Markičević, Bojan Mucko, Nel Pavletić, Darije Petković, Neven Petrović, Davor Puklavec, Jasenko Rasol, Danko Stjepanović i Borko Vukosav

The curator of the exhibition is Antun Maračić.