Masterpieces of the Hanžeković Collection

Cycle: Private Collections in a Public Institution

Caring for the private collections of works of art, collected by individuals, is one of the important forms of heritage care. A rare chance to encounter the works that are stored in private spaces is an opportunity for many art lovers to learn about the heritage which is out of reach. Therefore, the Art Pavilion started the cycle named “Private collections in a public institution” within which it presents private collectors and their collections

The cycle has already attracted a substantial public interest with its first exhibition (Collection Vugrinec – Masterpieces of the Croatian Modern). The exhibition has received a considerable media attention, and the Series itself has gained high critical acclaim.

With a new exhibition the cycle will present a high-quality collection of a prominent lawyer Marijan Hanžeković. The collection, very impressive considering size, contains almost all relevant paintings and sculptural names from the late 19th and 20th century. Some works have transcend the importance of personal collection and are considered to be amongst the most important works by an artist within the local artistic production because of their quality and importance. The critical choice by authors of the exhibition, Jasminka Poklečki Stošić and Petra Vugrinec will demonstrate the most interesting segments of the collection among the authors of the 19th and 20th century, some of which, like Vlaho Bukovac, Mato Celestin Medović, Menci Clement Crnčić, Bela Čikoš Sesija, Robert Auer, Marijan Trepše, Vilko Gecan, Ljubo Babić or for instance Marino Tartaglia, are represented by beautiful examples of their works, which are inevitable in the organization of a retrospective exhibition. But the exhibition will also show some very intriguing works, unknown to the professional community, but also to all art lovers