MARIJAN TREPŠE – Retrospective

Marijan Trepše (Zagreb 1897 – l964) is one of the key figures of Croatian art of the 20th century; his talent was very early on confirmed in the exhibitions of the Spring Salon in the period from 1920 to 1928.  Together with Gecan, Uzelac and Varlaj, with whom he was later to constitute the Group of Four, Trepše represents the link through which the painting of Kraljević’s Expressionism would be brought closer to the current style.  Trepše’s style moves from Expressionist mobility and classicist inspiration to openness of colour and freedom of gesture, while on the thematic side, along with scenes of a social character and works inspired by Biblical motifs, there are his characteristic subject, girls in interiors. After 1933, the painter turned his attention more often to nature, and a series of landscapes from the neighbourhood of Zagreb and motifs from the south were created. The exhibition will show works done in oils and superb productions in watercolour as well as prints with some of the features of Cubism. For decades, Trepše was involved in set design for the theatre, creating a very high quality oeuvre in this domain, and the originals for projects that were implemented will be an integral part of this retrospective exhibition.  A considerably number of pictures were not shown at the last Trepše retrospective, in 1975,  which means that the present exhibition will provide an occasion for a new reading of this great painter.  

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