KSENIJA TURČIĆ : Kaleidoscope – from the series of environmental exhibitions of contemporary Croatian artists for the Art Pavilion

Some ten years back, the Art Pavilion launched a series of site-specific exhibitions by contemporary Croatian artists meant for the space of the Art Pavilion. The whole series and the individual exhibitions have been exceptionally well received by the professional and general public as well as the media.  Year by year, then, we have continued the promotion of contemporary artists within this very series.  The new exhibition in the series is the show Kaleidoscope by the well-regarded video artist Ksenija Turčić. The artist has conceived it in 14 video recordings with audio in a spatial installation, documenting the external space of the surroundings of the building of the Pavilion.  The video recordings have been edited from documentary and selected material that Ksenija Turčić recorded with her camera over one year, in order to obtained a rounded whole of all the seasons, all the times of the day. From the viewpoint of the passer-by, she shot those parts that we do not see while we go past and that are above our everyday gazes and yet subconsciously affect our movement, mood and reactions.

The intention was to fill the whole of the space of the Pavilion with these edited, minimalist video recordings and thus bring the outer environment (tops of buildings, parts of the sky, the upper parts of facades with the ornamental elements we never look at) into the interior space. It was the wish of the author to shape the space with an installation of video recordings projected onto the walls (in an upper angle and below the dome) and sounds that are created by documentary recordings of places out of view during the year. This work carries on from the artist’s previous work with minimalist spatial installations made out of reflective and transparent materials.  Her intention was to attempt to make a spatial installation with electronic images.

The art pavilion was built as a temple of art at the initiative of one of Croatia’s most important painters, Vlaho Bukovac.  His purpose at that time was to get people to come and look at exhibitions.  Now the endeavour is to open up the awareness of a space that is not divided from life by walls, but is, rather, a documentation of it.  In this work the artist wants to erase the borders between the external and the internal space through the subjective documentation of a given period of time.

The exhibition is curated by Radmila Iva Janković and Aneta Barišić

About artist: https://www.ksenijaturcic.com/biography.html