JOSÉ CURA – Life Through the Lens of the Famous Tenor

In celebration of the 120th anniversary of the Art Pavilion in 2018, the famed Argentinian tenor of world renown José Cura will give a concert in Zagreb on Tomislavov trg.  The concert will be dedicated to the celebration of the 120th anniversary of the Pavilion. Knowing that maestro Cura is a great lover of artistic photographs, which he has himself, for years, taken daily, the director of the Pavilion invited the singer to have a solo show of his photographs in the Pavilion.  The exhibition will open two days before the beginning of the Cura concert, and will be on for seven days.  As photographer, Cura is interested in the everyday life of “ordinary” people and uses the medium of photography because of its outstanding ability to capture the living moment, the moment in the present that will by tomorrow be the past. For only in photographic time can we be forever young, forever happy or forever sad, and forever in love.  The photograph can halt both time and feelings, and distil them into images that will still be there after the time has gone and the feelings vanished. This magical, surreal ability of photography is fascinating.  Holding back time with a single click. In a fraction of a second it is possible to achieve what alchemists tried to accomplish for centuries – to find the elixir of life, which enables longevity. Photographers are like alchemists. The have the elixir of long life, of happiness, sorrow and love.  They have the power in their eye and their hand.  On them alone does it depend what, as they use this power, the photos will look like. For photographs are a reflection of the person who creates them, a reflection of what he or she who creates them has gone through, is going through now.  Through the lens of his camera, José Cura creates photographs of life the way he sees it. And he sees it in a melancholy light indeed.

Exhibition curated by Jasminka Poklečki Stošić

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