IVO DULČIĆ (1916 – 1975) : Ivo Dulčić´s Mediterranean -the centenary of birth

One hundred birthday anniversary of painter Ivo Dulčić offers opportunity, but also creates an obligation to present him once again comprehensively in the city of his artistic education and  work activities. Commemorative exhibition is centered on one of the special aspects of his work.

As a logical unit the motifs of the Mediterranean landscape and the Mediterranean scenery are offered, the area in which Ivo Dulčić ideally connected both ends of his native province of Dalmatia (family rooted Hvar and formative key hometown Dubrovnik). In addition, it is with a series of works inspired by the Mediterranean regions and the Mediterranean light that he achieved the fullness of his artistic potential and created works that mean epoch with its values and its previous meaning.

In fact, in the mid-fifties Ivo Dulčić already decisively broke with mimetic presentation and the enslavement of the motive, and synthesized and extracted from the seen only the fundamental forces and dynamic chromatic relationships. On the way to abstraction Ivo Dulčić has forever kept in allusive, associative connection with the model, but the freedom of interpretation created emblematic works of the so-called. structural landscapes, great achievements the creative energy and real monuments “spirit of the area” (genius loci).

About the artist: Ivo Dulčić

Within the ranges from the first “Stradun” (1950) and “Dubrovnik Summer Festival” (1956) to the “Red Island” (1962) and “Fire on the island” (1970), for more than two decades of intense painting, we have a repertoire of motifs and morphological versions as evidenced by Ivo Dulčića as one of the key artists of the epoch, all of which makes the exhibition a cultural event and a deserved tribute to the painter, who has not been yet independently presented at the Art Pavilion. The exhibition is created in co-production of the Art Pavilion in Zagreb and Dubrovnik Art Gallery. The works are lented from the Museum of Contemporary art in Zagreb, Modern Gallery, Zagreb, Gallery of Fine Arts, Split, Art Gallery, Dubrovnik, private collection of Mrs. Mira Dulčić, and several other private collections.

Author of the exhibition and the selection of artworks is Tonko Maroević.