Hommage à Miljenko Stančić: monographic exhibition marking the 90th anniversary of birth and 40th anniversary of death

In cooperation with the Varaždin City Museum, the Art Pavilion in Zagreb has prepared an exhibition of the great Croatian painter Miljenko Stančić, a monographic exhibition organized on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of his birth and the 40th anniversary of his death. Miljenko Stančić is an indispensable author of Croatian modern art whose name and works should, of course, be remembered, especially on the occasion of important anniversaries. Many art critics have associated his work with magic realism, metaphysical, fantastic or phantasmagoric painting, which suggests uniqueness of this artist, whose numerous works carry a strong autobiographical and psychological charge. The exhibition includes some of the best works from the oeuvre of this artist, both from Croatian museums and private Croatian collections, where some of the unknown gems, which have not yet been presented to the public, are kept. Author of the exhibition and of the selection of artworks is Mirjana Dučakijević, museum adviser of the Varaždin City Museum. After the exhibition in Zagreb, it will be presented in Varaždin.