Floodlit Room – Conflict

Etnografski muzej Zagreb

“Floodlit Room – Conflict” at the Ethnographic Museum is a segment of the exhibition “Floodlit Room – Women’s Photographic Practice in Croatia” by Sandra Križić Roban, PhD (Institute of Art History), which is staged at the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla.

The exhibition at the Ethnographic Museum encompasses the works of eight artists who have interpreted war and other crisis situations through photography or have used the medium to address collectively repressed challenging subjects. Approaching these subjects thoughtfully and sensitively, the artists also provide critical commentary on normative behaviours towards deeply disturbing situations such as suicides, female trauma, human rights violations, and relationships with others.

The exhibition “Floodlit Room – Conflict” accompanies the fourth edition of the international conference Fast Forward: Women in Photography with the theme “Women, Photography, Conflict.”

Floodlit Room – Conflict
Ethnographic Museum
26. 10. – 25. 11. 2023.

Exhibition organiser
Art Pavilion in Zagreb
Trg kralja Tomislava 22, Zagreb
[email protected]

Spatial concept and visual set-up
Mirna Horvat

Organizational support at the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla
Julija Gracin

Educational program
Irma Besednik

Sanja Balentović

Technical installation
Damir Martinec

Exhibition labels
Ivana Završki, Leonida Kovač,
Sandra Križić Roban

Vanja Babić

Rafaela Dražić

Translation into English
Robertina Tomić

Production of works
Fini print

Reproductions of the original works
Marko Ercegović

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