DUJE JURIĆ: MEMO-CHIPS / Site specific painterly instalation

The painting installation of Duje Jurić (1956) is one from a cycle of specific exhibition projects of an ambiental nature with which the Art Pavilion endeavours in a way that is innovative with respect to media to present the recent production or artistic concepts of leading Croatian artists of the middling or younger generation.

A member of the painting generation that grew up in the mid-eighties, Duje Jurić, in a number of solo shows, actions and ambiental set-ups, made his name as one of the most consistent and also most radical figures in the aesthetic of Constructive and neo-Plastic painting, a form of Geometrical Abstraction, in the contemporary Croatian art of the last few decades.


His most recent project is a unique painting ambience consisting of a geometrical frieze composed of a sequence of paintings of differing dimensions that in the linear, luminous and sonic mould of the memory chip extends the whole of the space of the Art Pavilion and of graphic prints or wall coverings applied as total intervention all along the wall areas of the interior. Conceived as ambiental painterly installation, this project of Duje Jurić is in a way a synthesis of the whole of his work to date and his experimentation with image, space and chip aesthetics making up a distinct unit in contemporary art in the country.  The pictures have been done in acrylic on canvas, and were created between 2008 and 2010 inclusive.