BORIS DEMUR: Spiral Journey

Boris Demur (Zagreb, 1951), a conceptual and multimedia artist, painter, theoretician, rebel and humanist, is one of the most productive and most provocative of the protagonists of the Croatian art scene in the last few decades. Demur is lastingly labelled by his authorial vision of spiral action painting as natural phenomenon and authentic form of artistic activity that “wells out of the depths of a tumultuous existence”. As an artist who was formed in the rebellious climate of the art of the seventies, by the time he finished his studies in the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts (in 1974), Demur was already showing an interest in more radical and conceptual approaches, and primary, processual and theoretical/analytical investigations into the nature and language of painting. In his work – painting, actions, performances, photographs, collages, assemblages, painting-objects, diary records, text-works, – he equates the nature of man and the nature of art, and at the centre of his perception are existential questions concerning the active relationship of artist and environment, spirit and painting material. The exhibition in the Art Pavilion, at which he will present a new series of works, of spiral paintings and murals as universal sign of his art, is conceived in two parts. 


He will at first use the exhibition space as a working space, as an open studio, and then put it to its exhibition purpose. The first part of the project includes four large spiral compositions (6 x 10m), which the artist will execute as a painting and sculpting performance, directly on the floor and on the wall of the interior of the Pavilion during a week, painting with broom and hands on an ordinary stretch of black cloth and demonstrating the actual process of the work, in conjunction with a sculptural intervention in the central space scattering sand dust in the central space. The second part of the project includes the setup of the completed works, along with a few works from earlier, and the official opening of the exhibition. The public will have the chance to take part in the whole process, from the immediate execution to the classic gallery presentation of works of spiral painting. This exhibition project will show all the particularity of Demur’s spiral art concept, about which the artist has this to say: “Spiral painting is a spiral natural event, simple and truthful. The motif of the spiral is in fact a natural process, and this process has become the method of my painting.”

The production and setup of the exhibition, in the presence of media and visitors, is planned from November 29 to December 6 , 2013. The vernissage is planned to coincide with the Art Pavilion Day – December 15, 2013, and the show will stay open on until January 5, 2014.  

The exhibition is devised and curated by senior curator of the Art Pavilion Radovan Vuković.