From Impetus to Identity – The First Professors and Students of Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb – 100 Years of Academy of Fine Arts

Exhibition „From impetus to identity – the first professors and students of Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb”, was initially dedicated to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Academy´s founding.
The exhibition presented 150 works of the first teachers of ALU (B. Čikoš Sessia, M. Cl. Crnčić, R. Frangeš Mihanović, R. Valdec, R. Auer, O. Iveković and B. Šenoa) and first generation of students (Ljubo Babić, Hinko Juhn, Ferdo Ćus, Mihovil Krušlin, Mila Wodsedalek and others). With a wide range of well known artists of croatian art history, the exhibition was also presenting a picture of Zagreb´s cultural life in the beginning of the 20th century. 

Authors of the exhibition are PhD Ive Šimat Banov, MA Krunoslav Kamenov, and Tajana Vrhovec Skalamera, assistant at the Department for the theory of art. Richly illustrated catalog has texsts written by Dean ALU, Slavomir Drinković, Ive Šimat Banov, PhD. Olga Maruševski, PhD. Ivanka Reberski, Marcelo Bačić, Tajana Vrhovec Škalamera and MA Krunoslav Kamenov, and excerpts from Antonija Tkalčić Koščević book Memories of the first generation of the Akademy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (HAZU, 2007).