Exhibition announcement: Jelena Lovrec in the Virtual Gallery of the Art Pavilion

Isječci iz video instalacije Jelen Lovrec 1

Virtual gallery of the Art Pavilion
Cycle: Work in Progress

Jelena Lovrec – Eggo

March 15, 2022 – May 29, 2022

Conceptual author of the Virtual Gallery: Jasminka Poklečki Stošić

Curator and author of the foreword: Aneta Barišić

The project of the Virtual Gallery of the Art Pavilion is being successfully held for the second year in a row, and its goal is to promote Croatian artists of the younger generation.

The first exhibition from this year’s Work in Progress cycle will present multimedia artist Jelena Lovrec, who works in the medium of documentary photography, video, installations, performances and books.

The author will present herself on the website of the Art Pavilion with a work named Eggo, which is the initial part of a wider project named  Musaka. The volume of three cookbooks Musaka (Eggo, Hot potato and Meat me) is a presentation of the cultural, political and social complex of our community. Using the traditional format of the cookbook, the author represents three marginal groups of society (artists, migrants, retirees), and the cookbooks themselves are divided into three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. The name of each cookbook reveals the main food in the recipes, as well as the concept of each of them, while the three main foods – egg, potatoes and meat together make Musaka – a traditional Balkan dish.

Eggo is a cookbook of 365 one-egg art recipes – one recipe for each day. Recipes were prepared in their kitchens by numerous Croatian artists who responded to the author’s invitation to participate in this project (Neven Bilic, Vojin Hraste, Ivan Tudek, Djordje Jandric, Boris Greiner, Kata Mijatovic, Igor Ruf, Goran Skofic, Neli Ruzic, Vedran Perkov , Bojan Krištofić, Vanja Babić, Ivana Pipal, Lana Stojićević and others), and then they had breakfast together with the author. Jelena Lovrec documented the preparation of art recipes, of which there are currently just over fifty, and edited them into the Eggo video work. The project was presented for the first time in 2021 at the exhibition of the finalist of the Radoslav Putar Award in the Galić Salon in Split. At that time, Eggo counted about twenty recipes, and the artist performed a performance in which she turned a part of the gallery into a space for preparing meals, exhibiting a mobile kitchen where Split artists were invited to prepare their dishes from one egg.

Jelena Lovrec (1989, Zagreb) graduated in 2014 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. So far, she has participated in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. She is a finalist of the Radoslav Putar Award (2021) and the winner of various awards and recognitions, including the Best Young Artist Award, HDLU (2019), Kranjčar Gallery Award, 34th Salon of Youth ‘Panoptikon’ (2018), Special Commendation , 33rd Youth Salon ‘Cost’ (2016), VIG – Junge Kunst Aus CEE Award (2013), Essl Art Award (2013).