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21 January 2023 – 31 January 2024

Location: Zagreb

This year, the Art Pavilion – a symbol of the central urban park, a scenic backdrop, and an iconic place of art of its time – celebrates 125 years since its inauguration in the area of Zagreb’s Green Horseshoe. Over the course of 125 years of activity, the Pavilion has hosted a series of exhibitions, retrospective reviews, and presentations of artistic phenomena from the late 19th, throughout the 20th, and the beginning of this century. These included exhibitions of the Women’s Art Club, the first association of female artists in the South Slavic regions, or exhibitions of the Earth Association of Artists, numerous cultural showcases, international reviews of artistic phenomena and trends, Zagreb salons and proposition segments, displays of modern art from these regions, and renowned figures from global history of art.

Embracing the concept of reaffirming our connection to the city, despite the closure of the Pavilion building due to renovation, we guide the audience through the Pavilion’s momentous 125th year in 12.5 sequences, conquering new spaces and fostering solidarity initiatives in collaborations with other institutions.

SEQUENCE 1 It’s Too Late to Give Up

January – February 2023

With a neon sign, artist Neli Ružić intervenes on the façade of the Zagreb Main Train Station, outlining new programmatic guidelines of the Art Pavilion.

SEQUENCE 2: Relocation, Exhibitions and Projects Realised in Other Spaces / Moving in and Cohabiting Tactics

from February 2023 onwards

Due to the lack of its own space, caused by the renovation of the building damaged in the earthquake, the program takes place at various locations throughout the city, using tactics of moving in and cohabiting with other institutions and establishments (Croatian Engineering Association, Botanical Garden, Technical Museum, Ethnographic Museum…). In doing so, it relies on the idea of cooperation and solidarity, creating new contexts and relationships between diverse audiences and spaces, expanding the space for dialogue and interdisciplinary connections, and developing a new artistic and cultural topography in the city.

Exhibitions and projects realized in other spaces:

Neli Ružić “Timescape: Temporal Horizon,” Vranyczany Palace, Croatian Engineering Association, February – March 2023; “Timescape: Temporal Landscape,” Podroom Gallery, Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Serbia, March – April 2023.

SofijaSilvia “Pendulum,” Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science, April – June 2023.

Sandra Križić Roban “Floodlit Room – Women’s Photographic Practice in Croatia,” Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, November – December 2023; “Floodlit Room – Conflict,” Ethnographic Museum, Zagreb, November 2023.

Leonida Kovač: “Landscapes of Simultaneous Times,” a series of lectures on memory practices in contemporary art through a comparative reading of the literary work of W. G. Sebald and other contemporary writers.

SEQUENCE 3: www.umjetnicki-paviljon.hr

We have redesigned our website, look for the new version starting from 22 December 2023.

SEQUENCE 4: Meeting Point – podcast, starting from February 2023

The Art Pavilion Podcast “Meeting Point” is a series of audio and video episodes featuring short artistic or curatorial guides, discussions, and talks about art or artistic work. The idea of the series is to make art accessible, provide insight to the audience into artistic endeavours, reflections, and the artistic process, and to open space for possible dialogues/polilogues.

In December and January, the artists featured in the exhibition “Floodlit Room” will discuss their works with art historian Ivana Završki. Meanwhile, conversations on photography will be led by art historians Sandra Križić Roban and Marija Tonković. Follow us for updates.

SEQUENCE 5 Signs of the City, Posters in City light boxes and on billboards

14 – 30 December 2023

The closure of the pavilion is merely apparent. We note the changes, invert the external and internal, temporarily fix transformation, showcase the inaccessible. We inscribe our duration into public space, discern historical hegemonies, detect new points of reference, create a space for the unity of diverse cultural modes and identities.

At 43 locations throughout the city, in city lightboxes and on billboards, we have installed four series of posters that complement each other. Photographs capturing the exteriors and interiors of construction sites, collages featuring exhibition posters, and the voices of foreign construction workers engaged in the renovation, all contribute to the narrative of the Art Pavilion as a site of ongoing transformation, rich cultural traditions, intricate historical narratives, and fluid geopolitical constructs.

Photographs: Jasenko Rasol (exterior), Sanja Bistričić Srića (interior), Rafaela Dražić (collages) Andreja Kulunčić (as part of the artistic research project “Aging”); design: Rafaela Dražić

SEQUENCE 6: At the Construction Site

Fence, scaffolding: temporary space for intervention, artistic production, provocation, an invitation to scrutiny, and chance encounters.

Klasja Habjan: “Upgrade,” as part of Artupunktura, October – November 2023

Sanja Bistričić Srića, December 2023

SEQUENCE 7: Pavilion Case, 11 – 15 December 2023

Ribnjak Youth Centre; Ice Rink, Ice Park

The “Pavilion Case” program spans several years and encompasses artistic inquiry that examines the Pavilion from diverse artistic and research perspectives, employing various methodologies. The objective is to investigate and redefine the historical and contextual perception of the Pavilion, analyse its architectural structure, explore sites of collective identification, and contemplate the potential for both new and traditional interpretations of the Pavilion as a central cultural and artistic venue. The program focuses on sensory and affective data, emotional registers, generation of new knowledge, and dismantling monolithic collective representations.

Participants: Božena Končić Badurina, Nina Kurtela, Ana Kuzmanić, Toni Meštrović, Lana Stojićević, Miranda Veljačić and Dinko Peračić and guests.

SEQUENCE 8: At the Ice Rink: Appropriating Emptiness

15 December 2023

Ice rink opposite the Art Pavilion

7:00 PM: Radio-phonic performance on ice by Pavlica Bajsić

8:00 PM: Birthday party

The temporary occupation of the ice rink across from the Pavilion represents its intangible reflection, including not only the building as a material support for an artistic and cultural phenomenon but also the contextual layers it contains. Accompanied by the voice of the legendary Milka Babović echoing over the empty ice rink and the reflection of the ice, we will stage a sound play for pedestrians and skaters.

SEQUENCE 9: Greetings from the Pavilion, educational workshops

December 2023

11 December 2023, Zagreb City Libraries, Children and Young Adults’ Department, Starčević Square 4

13 December 2023, Sveta Ana Nursing Home, Zagreb

The workshop of collaging postcards from museum holdings initiates a discussion about collective representational imagery, personal representation, and practices of closeness. Are we still writing postcards?

SEQUENCE 10: Creative Recycling, Pavilion Souvenir

December 2023

An upcoming Creative Recycling project is a joint effort involving the Ministry of Culture and Media’s Creative Recycling initiative, Humana Nova Social Cooperative, and the Art Pavilion in Zagreb: a carrying case derived from Klasja Habjan’s art intervention titled “Upgrade” on the tarpaulin of the construction fence encircling the Art Pavilion. Habjan’s series of digital drawings which are integrated into Sanja Bistričić Srića’s documentary photographs capturing the interior of the Art Pavilion undergoing renovation are followed by a street art spray painting action by the Grammar School students. Art with universal appeal!

SEQUENCE 11: Footnotes

from 8 December 2023, social media project

The documentation findings serve as the basis for researching, reactualizing, and imagining the context of the Pavilion exhibitions. Each episode is a footnote in our exhibition history.

Author: Lucija Ostrogović.

SEQUENCE 12 Conversation: Art Institutions in Times of Crises

January 2024

Discussion on current problems ranging from closed museums to temporary museum storage and depots, as well as possibilities for exhibiting and operating in situations of temporary relocation from original buildings. The participants in the discussion are fellow curators from museums undergoing renovation.

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